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GHG Feature | #23: The Angus Gray Hall and Metcalfe Centre

History Series: This article is part of a "series within a series" where, in the lead up to and during what would normally be the Glengarry Highland Games weekend, we are happy to share some articles on the event, its history, and some of the people who have helped make it what it is.

Check out our articles on Connie Blaney, Gilbert Young and our feature on the birth of the Games.

Our thanks to Eric Metcalfe, the current President of the Glengarry Highland Games committee for reviewing and contributing to this content.

Today we are re-sharing some of the content that the Branch created in 2003 in the wake of a very sad event in our community's history.

It was with great sadness that it was discovered that the Angus Gray Hall at the Maxville Fairground site was destroyed by fire at approximately 4:00 am on September 30, 2003. The Angus Gray was a gathering place for many local community events, home to great piping and fiddling, and a traditional watering hole for the Highland Games weekend. It housed old community records, historical photos, North American Pipe Band Championship trophies, sports trophies, the Glengarry Agricultural Wall of Fame and more, none of which could be replaced.

This content from the Branch archives shares the story of the building, and the generosity of the Metcalfe family and the entire community to rally and replace the landmark. Pipers will also enjoy the sheet music for the tune "Memories of the Angus Gray Hall" by Neil Anderson included in this piece.

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