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Glengarry Cup Results and Video Presentation

The 2020 Glengarry Cup was hosted virtually by the PPBSO Ottawa Branch. The event kicks off the Branch’s 50th anniversary celebrations. Competitors were asked to submit an MSR and piobaireachd of their own choice, with winners determined based on combined scores across both categories, with ties broken by piobaireachd preference. 

A video presentation of MSR performances and results is on YouTube!



  1. Bruce Gandy - $500

  2. Ian K. MacDonald - $400

  3. Andrew Hayes - $300

  4. James MacHattie - $200

  5. Aidan Bowen - $100


Judge: Michael Grey

  1. Ian K. MacDonald - “Patrick Og MacCrimmon’s Lament”

  2. Bruce Gandy - “Lament for Ronald Macdonald of Morar”

  3. Andrew Hayes - “Lachlan MacNeill Campbell of Kintarbert's Fancy”

  4. James MacHattie - “MacNeill of Barra’s March”

  5. Aidan Bowen - “Lord Lovat’s Lament”

  6. Dan Lyden - “Nameless - Hiharin hodin himhin”


Judge: Andrew Berthoff

  1. Bruce Gandy - “Morag Ramsay, Lady Mackenzie of Gairloch, Lt Col DJS Murray”

  2. Andrew Hayes - “The Pap of Glencoe, Tulloch Castle, John McKechnie's Big Reel”

  3. Ian K. MacDonald - “P/M John Stewart, The Piper’s Bonnet, The Little Cascade”

  4. James MacHattie - “SFU’s March Through Inveraray, John Roy Stewart, The Angler”

  5. MacGregor van de Ven - “Hugh Kennedy, John Roy Stewart, John Garroway”

  6. Jacob Dicker - “Inspector Donnie Barra's March, The Caledonian Society of London, The Little Cascade”

Also competing: Alistair Murray, Blaise Theriault, Brendan Culver, Brad Davidson. 


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