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Knockout Finalists

Finalists for 2012-13 Branch Knockout Series

The lineup is now set for the finals in all divisions of the 2012-13 Branch knockout series. Finalists were determined based on the number of points accumulated in qualifying Branch knockout events through the Fall and Winter.

The finals will be held on February 23 at the Naval Officers’ Mess, 78 Lisgar Street. Piping events will be judged by Ryan Canning and drumming events by Andrew Lawson, both of House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead Pipe Band. Tune selection for all events is “own choice” medley.

A Division PipingPoints Walter McLeish 11 Cameron Baskerville 11 Valerie Cook Johnson 10B Division PipingPoints Alex Robertson 16 Kaj Sullivan 12 Chris MacDonell 10 Andrew C. Robertson 10Over 40 PipingPoints Allan Walker 12 Jeff Stellick 9 Ron Graham 5A Division DrummingPoints Devin Roberts 17 Eric Wilson 6 Jesse Reedy 5

B Division DrummingPoints James Johnson 15 Kiernan Alexander 11 Victoria Bell 9


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