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Knockout Results, Finalists, Surveys and Much More!

February 20th Knockout Results

The results of the third Knockout are in! We had a very strong entry with 25 contestants across multiple categories. Thank you to all judges and competitors for taking part.


A Piping

Canadian Content H/J

Judge: Allan MacKenzie

What Canadian content gets featured? This event has been a staple in the Knockouts for many years. Ever wonder what Canadian composers get their tunes played most often in this event? Our thanks to Brian Williamson for analyzing this year’s entries and drawing up some interesting statistics!

Nine competitors each submitted a Canadian Content H/J, giving a possible 18 composers represented.

Twelve different composers' tunes were submitted:

  • 1st - Bruce Gandy was the most popularly submitted composer, with 4 tunes submitted (22% of submissions)

  • 2nd - Bill Livingstone tunes were submitted 3 times (17%)

  • 3rd - Michael Grey tunes were submitted 2 times (11%)

  • 9 other composers had one tune submitted (5% each), representing established composers of note and other composers of lesser renown

B Piping


Judge: Amy Garson

B Snare


Judge: Jim Bush

C Snare

3 / 4 March

Judge: Jim Bush


Watch now! Pro Bass Players Johnny Rowe and Arnaud Jean-Louis

As we announced back in the fall, tenor and bass contests are becoming part of the Knockouts this year, and moving forward.

This month, we had two professional bass players perform, and you can look forward to more performances from them in April. If you’re a pro bass player and also interested in putting a tune in, please contact us at Thank you Johnny and Arnaud for your support.

We encourage all interested tenor and bass players to consider entering next year. More details will be made available in the fall. Feel free to contact the Branch at in the interim if you are interested and want to know more.


A Bass


Judge: Kate Dudek

A Tenor


Judge: Kate Dudek

Knockout Finalists

With the most recent results tallied, we are happy to announce this year’s Knockout finalists! Finalists will be asked to submit their performances for Saturday, April 3rd. Each finalist will be contacted with details on how and what to submit.

Finalists are determined as those with the three highest point totals in each category. In the case of ties, competitors with the same point totals are invited.

Full standings for 2020-21 are available here.

A Piping

  • Hugh Metcalfe

  • Andrew C. Robertson

  • Mike Fenton

  • Jean-Sébastien Gamache

B Piping

  • Paula Campbell

  • Ron J. Graham

  • Tristan Perry

  • Noah Yateman

C Piping

  • Donna Cooper

40+ Piping

  • Mike Walsh

A Snare

  • Aidan Hogan

B Snare

  • Owen Yateman

  • Gabriel Benay

C Drumming

  • Duncan Shaheen

  • Lillian Scott

A Tenor

  • Andrea Jackson

A Bass

  • Drew Ellis

PPBSO Survey

The PPBSO wants to hear from you!

The PPBSO is conducting a survey to help guide its future direction.

In follow up to the February 27th Town Hall, we'd appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete this brief survey.

Have questions? Contact us at


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