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Results: 2018 Knockout Final & Upcoming Events

The 2018 Ottawa Branch Knockout Finals took place Saturday, March 3rd, with finalists across multiple categories submitted medleys of their own choice.

After the contest, piping judge Dr. Angus MacDonald entertained the packed hall with a great recital. Earlier that day, close to 30 took part in a piobaireachd workshop, with Dr. Angus going over several tunes and discussing piobaireachd from both learners’ and adjudicators’ perspectives.

Dr. Angus MacDonald delivering a piobaireachd workshop before the evening’s Knockout contest (photo: Cindy McGillivray-Ritchie).

Congratulations to all finalists!

2018 Ottawa Branch Knockout Final (L-R): Piping Judge Dr. Angus MacDonald, Annie Jodoin (40+ Piping), Rowan Meyer (B Piping), Ross Davison (A Piping), Sarah McKinnon (B Drumming), Branch President Jacob Dicker (photo: Cindy McGillivray-Ritchie).

A Piping (4 finalists)

  1. Ross Davison – “Mo Ghile Mear”, “Biddy from Sligo”, “Lisnagun Jig”, “The Contradiction”, “Cabar Feidh”, “Cup of Tea”, “Bush Reel”, “The Yellow Tinker”, “Town of Ballybay”, “The High Drive”

  2. Hugh Metcalfe – “The Clan MacColl”, “Neil Angus MacDonald”, “Hazel Thompson”, “White Heather Cottage”, “Alan MacPherson of Mosspark”

  3. Liam Melville – “The Euclid Porch Fire”, “Old Wife of the Mill Dust”, “The White Swan”, “Pipe Major Sandy Gordon”, “MacArthur Road”

B Piping (4 finalists)

  1. Rowan Meyer – “Pipe Major Willie Gray’s Farewell to the Glasgow Police”, “Dr. Flora McCauley of Carradale”, “Molly’s Jig”, “Sleeping Tune”, “Sheila McMurphy’s Dance”

  2. Matthew Shepherd – “Mrs. Joy Cairns”, “Scotland’s Welcome to the King of Norway”, “The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman”, “The Fairy Dance”

  3. Paula Campbell – “The Canada Millennium Pipe Band”, “Miss Campbell of Sheerness”, “For Ireland”, “Under the Triboro”, “The Brolum”, “Jenny Dang the Weaver”

40+ Piping

  1. Annie Jodoin – “Up to the Line”, “Barbara’s Jig”, “Rose Among the Heather”, “Dark Island”, “Hot Punch”

  2. D.J. McDonald – “Jenny’s Bawbee”, “The Sorcerer”, “The Bride’s Jig”, “Border Ballad”, “John Keith Lang”

B Drumming (Judge: Chris Bell)

  1. Sarah McKinnon – “Father Michael MacDonald’s Silver Jubilee”, “Flora MacIsaac”, “Jack Thornbury’s Jig”, “Mairi Mathieson of Carloway”, “Kelsea’s Brig”, and “The Hen Wife’s Daughter”


Upcoming Branch Events

Glengarry Cup Professional MSR Contest – April 14th

The Ottawa Branch will host the 2018 Glengarry Cup at the RCAF Officers’ Mess. More information will be shared in the near future.


Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games – May 5th

The 2018 Ottawa Branch Indoor Highland Games will take place on May 5th in Kemptville. Registrations forms are open until April 21st.


Upcoming Events in Eastern Ontario

Recently we highlighted a number of events taking place in Eastern Ontario this spring. Information for other events will be shared in the near future.


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