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Results! Piobaireachd, Bass & Tenor, and Knockout Finals

Keep an eye out for future posts from the Branch covering:

  1. PDQB Examinations – Expression of interest deadline March 9th

  2. Drumming for Drinks, hosted by the Glengarry Pipe Band – May 2nd

  3. Ottawa Highlanders membership

  4. Ottawa Indoor Highland Games – May 9th in Kemptville

  5. Fred Morrison is coming back to Ottawa! Show on May 12th


The HMCS Bytown Naval Officers’ Mess in downtown Ottawa was a busy place this past Saturday, with a strong turnout across all contests.

Amateur Piobaireachd Contest

The day began with the 3rd annual Amateur Piobaireachd Contest, which included 17 contestants and a large crowd in attendance. This event continues to grow and we’re grateful to the competitors and audience members for supporting it. The piobaireachd contests were judged by Alan Clark.

A Piobaireachd winner Liam Melville receiving the Pipe Major George D Buchanan Memorial Trophy. This award is kindly donated by Donald Buchanan in memory of his late father, for the winner of the A piobaireachd at the Ottawa Branch Amateur Piobaireachd Contest. Also pictured, Branch 2nd Vice President Allan MacKenzie (left), and Branch President Jacob Dicker (right).

“A”1 full piobaireachd, own choice (10 competitors)

  1. Liam Melville – “Lament for the Viscount of Dundee”

  2. Keith Theobald – “Battle of Auldearn no. 1”

  3. Mike Fenton – “The Desperate Battle of the Birds”

  4. Gregory Joseph – “Catherine’s Lament”

  5. Olivier Rommelaere – “The Earl of Seaforth’s Salute”

“B” 1 full piobaireachd, own choice (4 competitors)

  1. Jean-Sébastien Gamache – “The Munro’s Salute”

  2. Robert Miller – “Too Long in this Condition”

  3. Ron J. Graham “Glengarry’s Lament”

“C”1 ground, own choice (3 competitors)

  1. Noah Grew – “The Mackay’s Banner”

  2. Heidi McIntyre – “Corrienessan’s Salute”

  3. Bob Trayner – “His Father’s Lament for Donald Mackenzie”


Bass and Tenor Contest

The Branch held its first amateur Bass and Tenor Contest on Saturday evening. We were very happy to have Kahlil Cappuccino judge the event, who kindly waived his judging fee toward the creation of a trophy for this new event.

This year’s winner of the A Tenor contest was Andrea Jackson.

Tenor “A” (approximates PPBSO Gr 2 – 1) – MSR – 4 parts each

  1. Andrea Jackson – “Hugh Kennedy”, Shepherd’s Crook”, “McAlister’s Dirk”

  2. Jaymee McCarthy – “P/M J. McWilliams”, “Susan MacLeod”, “Loch Carron”

Tenor “B” (approximates PPBSO Grades 5 – 3) – 2/4 March – 4 parts

  1. Clara Burgener – “Miss Elspeth Campbell”

  2. Wendy Chaytor – “Barren Rocks of Aden”, “Mairie’s Wedding”

  3. Nancy McKinnon – “Duncan MacColl”

Bass “B” (Novice) – 2/4 March4 parts

  1. Clara Burgener – “The Young MacGregor”

  2. Fiona Plunkett – “The Atholl and Breadalbane Gathering”


Knockout Finals

Congratulations to all competitors that took part in the Knockout Finals. Being a finalist is an achievement in itself! Our judges for the evening were Scott Nicholson for drumming and Matt MacIsaac for piping. After the contest, Matt provided the audience with a terrific set of tunes!

Our piping judge Matt MacIsaac playing some terrific tunes after the contest!

Piping “A” Own choice medley

  1. Liam Melville

  2. Ross Davison

  3. Hugh Metcalfe

Piping “B” Own choice medley – 2-5 minutes

  1. Jean-Sébastien Gamache

  2. Paula Campbell

  3. Robert MacLeod

Piping “C” Own choice march medley – 2-5 minutes

  1. Richard Chaytor

  2. Joseph Durst

  3. Dominic Kilpatrick

Piping “40+” Own choice medley – 2-5 minutes

  1. Mike Walsh

Drumming “A” Own choice medley

  1. Jeremy Pyone

Drumming “B” MSR – 4 parts each

  1. Gabriel Benay

  2. Owen Yateman

Drumming “C”Own choice march medley – 2-5 minutes

  1. Clara Burgener

  2. Joe LaFratta

  3. Christine Brewer


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