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Boyd captures another Glengarry Cup!

Andrea Boyd of Ottawa, won her third Glengarry Cup in four years at last evening’s PPBSO-Ottawa Branch open MSR contest.

The day started of with a very strongly attended workshop by long time Ontario pipe major and reed maker John Elliot. Mr. Elliot took the almost 60 strong through the process of making reeds from start to finish and through various methods of troubleshooting and manipulation techniques. For more information on John’s reeds, we encourage everyone to visit Sound Supreme Reeds.

Following this very informative workshop Mr. Elliot was then assigned to the judges table to determine the winner of the Glengarry Cup. The Glengarry Cup is a long running open MSR contest where invited participants are asked to play a march, strathspey and reel of their own choice. This contest is sponsored by Glengarry Pipe Band.

The results for last evening’s contest were:

  1. Andrea Boyd- David Ross, Stac Polly, Fiona MacLeod

  2. Jacob Dicker- Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque, Caber Feidh, Sandy Cameron

  3. Ed Bush- John MacColl’s March to Killbowie Cottage, John Roy Stewart, McAllister’s Dirk

2016 Glengarry Cup

Also competing were: Ross Davison, Tom Brown, Amy Garson, Robert Wilson and Ryan Ross.

Next on the Ottawa Branch calendar is the PPBSO-Ottawa Branch Indoors in Kemptville. For more information and registration please refer to Ottawa Branch Indoors.

Thank you once again to our very supportive members.


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