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Results – Highland on the Rideau (Smiths Falls) 2012

June 16, 2012

The annual Smiths Falls event, now called the Highland on the Rideau, was held at a new picturesque outdoor venue topped off with perfect weather. Kudos to the organizers and volunteers for a great event!

Practice ChanterEventFirst PlaceSecond PlaceThird Place Drumming Practice Pad Gr.5 Snare Victoria Bell Kelsey Bailey Jenna McMullen Gr.4 Snare James Johnson  Shahna Summers Thomas MacKenzie Gr.3 Snare Open Snare MSR Erica Pulling Piping Practice Chanter Alex McLarry Michaela McConnell Shahna Summers Gr.5 March Cameron Ayoub Timothy Reid Finley van de Ven Gr.4 March A Andrew C. Robertson  Michelle LaPlante Taylor Young Millage Gr.4 March B Kaj Sullivan Branna MacDougall Bailey MacDonald Gr.3 March Walter McLeish Alexander L. Robertson Connor Elliot Gr.3 Strathspey/Reel Walter McLeish Alexander L. Robertson Steve Brooke Open MSR Chris Dodson Valerie Johnson Eric Noden Novice Adult James van de Ven Novice Piobaireachd Rachelle Renaud Jim Baggs Kathleen McKinnon Junior Piobaireachd A Clare Grant Steve Booke Neil Bell Junior Piobaireachd B Kaj Sullivan Charles Mitchell Lochie Bisaillion Intermediate Piobaireachd Dave Campbell John M. Steele Open Trio Hornpipe/Jig Mac Cornelisse, Steve Brooke, Tory Hamstra John Steele, Eric Noden, Margaret Cameron Alexandra Blockley, Hugh Metcalf, Jeff LaBlanc Band Drummers’ Salute Rob Roy Glengarry Gr.5 March Medley Rob Roy Sons of Scotland Smiths Falls Gordons Gr.4 Medley Arnprior McNab Glengarry Highland Mist Gr.3 Medley Air Command


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