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Results – Ottawa Branch Knockout – Allan Quinn Memorial

The Ottawa Branch Knockout continued December 3, 2011, with a Group A March Strathspey Reel for the Allan Quinn Memorial Trophy.

Unfortunately a late wrinkle in organizational plans resulted in a last minute change in venue despite prior booking many weeks in advance. Every effort was made to inform our members and the attending public. The Executive apologizes for the inconvenience.

Despite the difficulties, the new Naval Officers’ Mess was enjoyed by performers and attendees. Thanks everyone for making the event fun.

The event commenced with seven competitors and Ed Bush as the adjudicator. In addition to the competition, some prizes were raffled off (including some good Scotch), followed by a devastating recital by Ed Bush.

Raffle prizes were donated by The Rob Roy Pipe Band, Brown Bagpipe Supply, The Scottish and Irish Store, and the Lunn-van de Ven family.

Results: 1. Chris Dodson (Allan Quinn Trophy) 2. Tom Brown 3. Will Ridley 4. MacGregor van de Ven 5. Andrew Killick

(l to r: Will Ridley, Chris Dodson, Tom Brown, Ross Davison)


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