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Results – Ottawa Branch Knockout Finals

The Ottawa Branch Knockout final was held March 10, 2012 at the Naval Officers’ Mess in Ottawa.

Competitors and competitions listed below:

Finalists for Drumming Group B – Tune requirements:  Medley 3-5 minutes, any time signature. James Johnson Shaun Melnyk Macgregor van de Ven

Drummer James Johnson

Finalists for Piping Group B – Tune requirements:  Medley 3-5 minutes, any time signature. John Steele Jason Baird Marshall MacPherson Walter McLeish

Group B Competitors (l to r): Jason Baird, Marshall MacPherson, Walter McLeish, John Steele

Finalists for Piping Group A – Tune requirements:  Medley 3-5 minutes, any time signature. Will Ridley MacGregor Van De Ven Chris Dodson Tom Brown

The evening began with Group B drumming which was adjudicated by Scott Nicholson.   Spirited performances were given by James, Shaun and MacGregor.  We look forward to seeing these competitors again in future knockout competitions.  Well done!

MacGregor van de Ven wins Group B Drumming


1.  MacGregor van de Ven

2.  Shaun Melnyk

3.  James Johnson

The Group B Piping competition followed with four well played medleys.  Colin MacLellan adjudicated for both the Group A and Group B competitions.   In the end, Walter McLeish’s steady play earned the top spot.


1.  Walter McLeish

2.  John Steele

3.  Jason Baird

4.  Marshal MacPherson

The Group A piping competition was fierce with competitors playing exciting and very challenging medleys.  A very high standard of play indeed.  Afterwards, Colin expressed his pleasure at listening to all competitors and had a wonderful evening.

Group A Finalists ( l to r ): Tom Brown, Will Ridley, MacGregor van de Ven, Chris Dodson


1.  MacGregor van de Ven

2.  Will Ridley

3.  Tom Brown

4.  Chris Dodson

After the competitions, the evening was not over.  Two raffles were held.  Krista Duff won  the member survey  prize of a Pipes Drums subscription. Rob MacKenzie (Treasurer, PPBSO Toronto Branch)  won the basket of goodies from our sponsors (McCarthy Highland Services ,  Limestone Hearing Care Centre, and Brown Bagpipe Supply).

Raffle goodies from our sponsors

The Ottawa Branch annual election was also conducted by Brian Williamson.  Results in a separate post on the Ottawa Branch website.

And finally, a recital was given by Colin MacLellan.

Colin MacLellan in recital

Colin played some 3/4’s to start followed by various 2/4 marches, Strathspeys and Reels and ending with a beautiful Piobaireachd called Route of the Lowland Captain.  Colin was playing a new “Ayrfire” chanter  which he developed in conjunction with Ayreshire Bagpipe Company which made for a very sweet sounding recital.  Thank you Colin!

And so ends another Knockout competition season.  Thank you to everyone who attended as well as the competitors for coming out to test their skill.  Also, the sponsors were invaluable with their donations which helped to fund the new venue.  We would also like to take the time to thank the organizers for keeping the wheels greased.  See you all at the Knockouts in the fall!


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