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Results: September 29th Knockout, and Upcoming Events

September 29th AGM and Knockout Results

The first Knockout of the 2018-19 series enjoyed healthy attendance and a strong entry, with almost 20 competitors signed up for A, B and 40+ drumming events, followed by the A Piping 6/8 March contest.

Annual General Meeting Recap

The evening began with a Branch AGM. One motion to have juvenile band contests at all PPBSO-run highland games was discussed, but was not passed in its presented form. Members at the meeting agreed with the importance of the issue, and instead it was agreed that the matter proceed as a resolution, for future discussion with the PPBSO Board of Directors. Other resolutions coming out of the meeting, for future discussion with the PPBSO Board of Directors include streamlining entry passes for soloists, increasing digital distribution of minutes from the PPBSO main body, quality of massed band performances, improving the format of band leaders’ meetings on games days, and addressing rule book interpretation on games days.

The meeting also included the nomination and election of the Branch executive slate.

The Branch executive for 2018-19 is as follows:

  1. President – Jacob Dicker

  2. Vice President 1 – Ron Graham

  3. Vice President 2 – Allan MacKenzie

  4. Treasurer – Wendy McGillivray-Baskerville (signing authority) and Cindy Ritchie (event support)

  5. Secretaries – Megan McIntosh and Thomas MacKenzie

The Branch would like to thank outgoing executive members Ryan Ross and Andrea Boyd.

Ryan Ross served on the committee for the past several years, promoting new initiatives, leading on numerous events, and providing valuable insight during his time on the committee. Thank you Ryan!

Andrea is moving to Toronto to take on an exciting position in the journalism industry. During her time in Eastern Ontario, Andrea shared her expertise from years of piping experience in the Maritimes and Scotland, and helped bring in incredible talent for workshops and recitals during her time on the Branch committee. Thank you for all of your contributions Andrea!

We are pleased to welcome Cindy, Megan, and Tom to the Branch executive. A diverse committee is always ideal, and together, the pipers and drummers on this year’s executive represent six pipe bands across Eastern Ontario.

Knockout Results


“A” Piping

Two 6/8 Marches Judge: Allan MacKenzie

  1. Liam Melville – “MacLeod of Mull”, “Dr. Ross’s 50th Welcome to the Argyllshire Gathering”

  2. Hugh Metcalfe – “Mrs. MacDonald of Uig”, “Kenneth J. MacLeod”

  3. Bobbie Smith – “Duncan McGillivray, Chief Steward”, “Leaving Port Askaig”

  4. John MacKay – “Fairview Cottage”,”Farewell to the Creeks”

  5. Charles-David Mitchell – “Dornoch Highland Gathering”, “Pipe Major Charles Timmers”

  6. Sean Burgess – “Kirkhill”, “The Heights of Cassino”

Piping contest prizewinners and Branch executive members (L-R): Allan MacKenzie (VP 2, judge), Jacob Dicker (President), Liam Melville (1st), Bobbie Smith (3rd), Charles-David Mitchell (5th), John MacKay (4th), Sean Burgess (6th), Hugh Metcalfe (2nd), Ron Graham (VP 1), Megan McIntosh (Secretary)

“A” Drumming

Hornpipe/Jig Judge: Scott Nicholson

  1. Shahna Summers – “Uphold the Right”, “Glasgow Police Pipers”

“B” Drumming

One 6/8 March

  1. Xavier Bolivar – “Donald MacLean of Lewis”

“40+” Drumming

One 2/4 March Judge: Scott Nicholson

  1. Thomas MacKenzie – “The Drunken Piper”

Point summaries for the Knockout series can be found here.


Upcoming Branch Events

  1. Knockout Contest

  2. B Piping: 2/4 March (4 pts)

  3. NEW C Piping: 3/4 March (2pts)

  4. 40+ Piping: Air, 6/8 March (min. 4 pts for march)

  5. For the first B, C and 40+ event on November 3rd, order of play will be in reverse order of registration. Sign up early to secure a later draw!

  1. Eastern Ontario Champion Supreme Presentations

  2. Knockout Contest

  3. A Piping: MSR

  4. A Drumming – MSR

  5. B Drumming – 2/4 March

  6. NEW C Drumming – 3/4 March

  7. 40+ Drumming – 6/8 March


Julie Fowlis in Kingston

As announced previously, Julie Fowlis will be performing in Kingston on Thursday, October 4th!

Now, members and followers can receive a 15% discount! To access, enter the coupon code “ONPIPERS” at checkout.

More about Julie Fowlis

Julie Fowlis will forever be recognized for singing the theme song to BRAVE, Disney Pixar’s Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA winning animated film, set in the highlands of Scotland.

Julie Fowlis is a multi-award winning Gaelic singer nominated as ‘Folk Singer of the Year’ at the 2015 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, and ‘Best Artist’ at the Songlines World Music Awards 2015. She is a warm and engaging performer who has graced stages around the globe, including her live performance at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in 2014.

On October 4th, she comes to the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts at Queen’s University in Kingston as part of her North American tour!


Stittsville Remembrance Day Ceremony

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 618 in Stittsville is looking for a pipe band to perform for their annual Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 11th at 2 PM. The ceremony is approximately 1 hour in length from the time the parade steps off until it is dismissed and the parade route is approximately 600 m each way. If interested, please contact Mike Fenton (


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